Emotional Utopia

Discover the power of emotional satisfaction: DOMINATE YOUR LIFE, CAREER, AND RELATIONSHIPS. Strong, successful, accomplished: you are all of these things. But maybe something else is faltering in your life ― despite the victories you have achieved. Are you motivated to reach deeper emotional satisfaction, true happiness?

In Emotional Utopia, Leah Benson reveals the proven method that will help you reach that next level of success and achieve real results ― authentic and energizing happiness that will transfer to all realms of your life.



Emotional Utopia


Don’t settle for a subpar emotional state . . . toss old ideas of “therapy” aside and take control of your happiness.

“With the idea of ‘stop searching for―and start living it,’ Leah Benson hits a point I consistently emphasize in my works; that (business and personal) success, however defined, is fundamentally behavioral. That action trumps meditation. Any and every method that facilitates doing, rather than endless thinking, contemplating, worrying, vacillating, etc., is worthy of consideration for your portfolio of self-management tools.” ―Dan S. Kennedy, co-author with Dr. Maxwell Maltz of the New Psycho-Cybernetics; author, No B.S. Guide to Wealth Attraction www.NoBSBooks.com

“Great relationships and health are built on a foundation of balance. In Emotional Utopia, Leah Benson shows us that by engaging both our bodies and minds through her practical method, we can gain that balance and achieve lasting happiness and emotional satisfaction.”
―John Gray, PhD, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


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